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Links and RSS Feeds to New Materials

Click on the links below for new materials by subject, genre or format. You can acquire RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds for these areas by clicking on the rss 2.0 icon. For more information about RSS, click here.

New Romance Fiction rss 2.0New DVDs rss 2.0New Computer Materials rss 2.0
New Adventure Fiction rss 2.0New Family DVDs rss 2.0New Self Help/Psychology rss 2.0
New Mystery Fiction rss 2.0 New Religion and Theology rss 2.0
New Science Fiction rss 2.0New Music on CD rss 2.0New Science and Math rss 2.0
New Westerns rss 2.0New Blues on CD rss 2.0New Political Materials rss 2.0
New Graphic Novels rss 2.0New Jazz on CD rss 2.0New History rss 2.0
 New Country Music on CD rss 2.0New Biography rss 2.0
New Materials for Teens rss 2.0New Pop Music on CD rss 2.0New Travel Guidebooks rss 2.0
New Materials for Kids rss 2.0New Rock Music on CD rss 2.0New Cooking Materials rss 2.0
 New Soundtracks on CD rss 2.0New Arts and Recreation rss 2.0
New Spanish Language Materials rss 2.0 New Literature rss 2.0
 New Audiobooks on CD rss 2.0New Business Materials rss 2.0
  New Personal Finance rss 2.0