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Macmillan Publishers Limiting Access to eBooks #eBooksForAll

New policy change in effect November 1st

MCFLS, Milwaukee County


Dear Library Patron:

Reading is the Milwaukee County Federated Library System's number one priority. We aim to connect you with titles you want to read - whether it's in print, eBook or audiobook format.

Now your ability to access eBooks is in jeopardy.

Beginning November 1, Macmillan Publishers will restrict our statewide collection to the purchase of only one single copy of a new eBook title following its release, after which the publisher will impose an eight-week embargo. This means much longer wait times for eBooks from authors you love, such as Jonathan Franzen, Louise Penny, Nora Roberts and many more.

Macmillan's new policy is based on their fears that libraries are hurting their bottom line and eBook lending is stealing their profits. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Libraries are a critical connector between authors and readers, and we fundamentally believe in open access to books, information and ideas. Macmillan's new model for eBook lending will make it difficult for libraries to fulfill our central mission of ensuring access for all.


Sign the petition today at or text EBOOKS to 40649 and demand that Macmillan treat public libraries as collaborators rather than competitors.