Circulation and Materials Information

How many Items can be ckecked out on a card?

Fine and Loan Periods for North Shore Library

Adult Loan Periods Fines Number of
New Fiction (Hard Cover) 14 Days $0.20 1
Lucky Day 14 Days $0.20 0
New Fiction (Paperback) 3 Weeks $0.20 2
New Non Fiction 3 Weeks $0.20 1
Books 3 Weeks $0.20 2
Adult DVDs (Regular Collection) 7 Days $1.00 0
Adult DVDs (TV Series & Non-Fiction ) 7 Days $1.00 1
Adult DVDs (Lucky Day) 3 Days $1.00 0
Video Games 7 Days $1.00 0
Magazines & Newspapers 7 Days $0.20 0
Music CD 3 Weeks $0.20 2
Books on CD 3 Weeks $0.20 2
Share Shed Items 7 Days $1.00 0
Share Shed Puzzles 3 Weeks $0.20 0
Share Shed Memory Connections 3 Weeks $0.20 2
Hotspots 7 Days $1.00 2
Art Prints 6 Weeks $0.25 0
Young Adult
Books 3 Weeks $0.20 2
Books on CD 3 Weeks $0.20 2
Books (Unless noted otherwise) 3 Weeks $0.20 2
Book Kits 3 Weeks $0.20 2
DVD 7 Days $0.20 0
Magazines 7 Days $0.20 0
Music CD 3 Weeks $0.20 2
CD-Rom 7 Days $0.20 0
Video Games 7 Days $0.20 0
Books on CD & PlayAWays 3 Weeks $0.20 2
Launchpads 7 Days $1.00 No Maximum 0
Loan periods and fines on materials from other libraries may vary.

$0.50 Fine for not picking up items on hold by pickup date
(Patrons who cancel holds by calling the library or online before pickup date will not be charged)

If you have fines equal to or greater than $5.00, the fines must be paid in full before you may check items out. Fine policies at other libraries may vary.

All North Shore Library materials EXCLUDING ADULT DVDs, LUCKY DAY DVDs ADULT VIDEO GAMES, SHARE SHED ITEMS and LAUNCHPADS have a 3 day grace period. If returned on day 4, fines assessed from due date (for all 4 days).

Items belonging to North Shore Library that can be renewed twice can initially be checked out for 6 weeks. This counts as 1 of 2 renewals.

***Fines subject to change without notice***

Picking Up Items on Hold

The Milwaukee County Federated Library System (MCFLS) and its member libraries wish to safeguard its patrons' privacy and strive to guard against unauthorized use of library cards. As such, all MCFLS member libraries issue library cards for a patron's personal use only.

Normally, patrons who place library items on hold must pick up the held materials themselves. However, specific permission can be granted to make arrangements for another person to pick up materials using a Permission Form. The Permission Form must be filled out and presented by the cardholder in person at any Milwaukee County Federated Library System member library. Permission Form is available for the card holder to print out.

Renewing Materials by Phone

To renew materials by phone you will need the barcode number on your library card and the barcode numbers on the materials that you wish to renew.

Dial (414) 277-0183

You may choose to renew all items or one item at a time.

If you renew all items the system will repeat the barcodes for the materials that have been renewed and give you the new due date. Do NOT hang up before you hear a new due date for each item renewed. If you hang up before the message is over the materials will not be renewed.

If you renew items one at a time you will need to enter the last four digits of the barcode for each item you wish to renew. The system will tell you the item has been renewed and give you the new due date.

Renewing Materials Online

County Cat

To renew materials online log in to your account on by entering your 14 digit library card barcode number or username and then entering your pin number and click submit.

To renew all renewable materials click on Renew All. Click on Yes to proceed. A new due date will be listed in the status column for each item renewed.

To renew individual items click on the box to the left of each item you would like to renew then click onRenew Selected Items. Click on Yes to proceed. A new due date will be listed in the status column for each item renewed or if not renewed, the reason will be listed.

Forget your pin?


Have a request to reset your library PIN sent to your email. If you would like to add an email address or verify the email address on your account stop at the Circulation Desk or call us.

Reasons why items may not have been renewed