Computer and Internet Use Policy

The North Shore Library provides computer and Internet access to users of the library. Because the computers and Internet facilities are available to staff and patrons, patrons should recognize that they are subject to this Policy. Parents or guardians of minor children must assume the same responsibility for their children's use of the Internet as with their use of other library materials. The North Shore Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content or accuracy.

Computer and Internet resources may not be used for illegal, immoral, or pornographic purposes. As with all formats of information, staff and patrons must respect copyright laws and licensing agreements and take reasonable efforts to avoid violation of such laws and agreements. Unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to, harassment of other users, tampering with computer files, damage of equipment or software, and unauthorized copying of materials, personal misrepresentation, using the workstation to operate a business, and the viewing of pornographic images. Violations of copyright laws, licensing agreements, and engaging in unacceptable uses may result in the loss of computer and Internet privileges or fines for damages.

Librarians are available for basic assistance only. Patrons are encouraged to investigate programs available elsewhere in the community for computer use and Internet searching training.

Printing is available at 15 cents per page (black and white), or 75 cents per page (color).The North Shore Library assumes no responsibility for any damages arising from the use of our equipment.

Library staff members have the right to cancel or interrupt the use of the computer and Internet station at any time.

Policy updated by NSL Board 1.21.16