Frequently Asked Questions

Library Cards

Who can get a library card?
In order to get a library card you need to be a resident of Milwaukee County.
How do I get a library card?
You can start the process online. Get a Card
Finish the online registration by completing the how do I renew my library card link below.
How do I renew my library card?
You can renew your library card online by completing the following Renew my Card
You will be asked to submit an image file or document with your legal name and current address.
Can I get a library card if I don't live in Milwaukee County?
Several libraries offer a Fee Card at differing costs. The North Shore Library Fee Card is $50 per year. All immediate family members may use the card. You are restricted to checking out only items owned by the North Shore Library.
How old does my child need to be to get a library card?
Getting a library card is an exciting event for anyone but can be especially momentous and memorable for a child.
A child can get a library card when a parent/guardian feels the child is ready.
How do I replace a lost library card?
If you are sure you lost your card and not just misplaced it, come to the Circulation Desk with a picture I.D. that includes your current address. If your picture id does not have your current address, you will also need to bring proof of residence such as a current utility bill, a phone bill, credit card statement or a lease.
I forgot or do not know my pin number, what should I do?
PIN RESET Have a request to reset your library PIN sent to your email. If you would like to add an email address or verify the email address on your account stop at the Circulation Desk or call us.

Borrowing Materials

How many books or other items may I check out?
Patrons can have a total of 100 items checked out, 20 of which can be media items on their account at any one time.
Do all libraries have the same fines and loan periods?
No. For North Shore Library fine and loan periods as well as renewal information visit Fine & Loan Info
Can I check out and return materials at any other libraries?
Yes, you can check out or return materials to any of the libraries in the Milwaukee County Federated Library System.
Note: Some libraries require certain items to be returned at their library and handed to a Circulation Aide, such as North Shore's E-Readers and LaunchPads.
For a list of locations - MCFLS Member Libraries
What do I do if I lost or damaged an item?
If you notice a book is damaged before you check it out, please let us know so that we do not attribute the damage to you. If you have lost an item please let us know right away. If you have damaged an item please bring it to the Circulation Desk.

Equipment for Use

Does the library have a photocopier?
Yes, we have a black/white photocopier located to the right of the Circulation Desk. Copies are $0.15 per page black/white, $0.75 per page color and the photo copier will scan documents to a USB drive.
Does the library have a public fax machine?
Does the library have a public phone?
Does the library have a scanner for public use?
The photocopier will scan documents to a USB drive.
Does the library have Wi-Fi?
Yes, the library provides free Wi-Fi.
Do I need a library card to access the library's computers?
Yes and the card has to have less then $10.00 in fines. If you are not a resident of Milwaukee county you can ask for a guest pass at the Reference Desk.
How much does printing from the computers cost?
Printing costs are $0.15 per black/white page and $0.75 per color page. The printer is connected to a coin-op, small bills or change is needed to print.

Services Offered

Does the library proctor exams?
Yes, the library provides proctor services. Please stop at or call the Reference Desk.
Does the library have a notary public?
No. Most banks or city halls will provide this service if requested.
Can I reserve a Study Room?
Yes, study rooms can be reserved 24 hours in advance. Reservations can be made by stopping by or calling the Circulation Desk.
Can I reserve the Community Room?
Yes, for more information, Community Room.
Will you post my event flyer in the library?
Bring the flyer to the Circulation Desk for review by the Head of Circulation Services. Items placed in the library without receiving prior approval will be removed and discarded. Posting Policy