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Some Questions You May Have

1. How much money will the campaign need to raise and for what purposes?
The campaign goal is to raise at least $12 million. Through the generosity of a local donor, we have recently received a $4 million gift to the campaign for the new building itself. The remaining $8 million raised will be used to furnish and equip the interior components of the new library.
2. What is the timeline for building a new facility?
This is dependent upon the success and timing of the campaign. We are striving to successfully raise the campaign goal of $8 million by June 2022. Once that milestone is reached, we anticipate that the new library facility will open late 2023 or 2024.
3. Are there Donor Recognition Opportunities?
Yes, there are many appealing Donor Recognition Opportunities through which the library can honor our donors. A complete and detailed list of giving opportunities is included in the campaign materials. Feel free to contact Andy Pederson, Bayside Manager (414-206-3925 or apederson@baysidewi. gov), for availability and more details.
4. Who is being asked to contribute to this campaign?
To meet our campaign goal, we need everyone’s support. This is a region-wide campaign that includes all the communities that use the library, and we are asking individuals, businesses, foundations, and organizations throughout the library’s entire service area to get involved.
5. How is this campaign organized, and who will lead it?
The campaign is being led by the North Shore Library Fundraising Team and the Campaign Committee, who are operating under the auspices of the North Shore Library Board of Directors. The campaign is being directed by the consulting firm of Baker Street Consulting Group. They are a highly experienced Wisconsin-based fundraising consulting firm.
6. Can I make a pledge?
Yes, however, we ask that donors strongly consider making an outright gift, so we have funds to build our new library as soon as possible. We understand that extending your payments of a gift over a 3-year period may allow you to make a greater donation, and the success of our campaign depends on the receipt of gifts of this type, but to ensure our success, please consider making an initial pledge payment of at least 50% along with your pledge.
7. Are gifts to the campaign tax-deductible?
Yes. All campaign gifts are going through the Village of Bayside into the North Shore Library Capital Campaign fund. Gifts to the campaign are tax-deductible as prescribed by law.
8. How much am I expected to give?
We need gifts at a variety of dollar levels in order to reach our $8 million goal. Please make your gift a serious, and substantial, commitment for you, your family, your business and/or your organization.
9. Can people combine their giving?
Yes, families and co-workers and/or organizations may decide to join together to make a combined gift to qualify for a special Naming Opportunity.

Please contact the North Shore Library with any donation questions.