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A Message From the Fundraising Campaign’s Leadership

The North Shore Library has provided top quality services to our community since its founding in 1979! Now, the anticipation and excitement around having a new library in the heart of Bayside is bringing the North Shore community together in wonderful ways. The current library building has served us well since 1986, but it has become outdated, too small to handle current demands, and is greatly in need of an upgrade.

The Library Board has joined forces with the Bayside Village Board to create an inspiring plan for building a new $12 million library. As part of its commitment to this project, the four municipalities of Bayside, Fox Point, Glendale, and River Hills are embarking upon the Building a Better North Shore Together Capital Campaign to raise the funds needed to complete this project for the North Shore community. We invite you to read over the enclosed details about our plans and hope you will join us as we work together to make our new library a reality. Strengthening Our Community Bond

The library continues to play a critical role in each of our lives. It is the cornerstone to our community and a place where we can come together to enjoy engaging activities, work on projects, learn together, and enhance our relationships with one another.

Growing to Meet Our Community Needs

At the heart of our vision is the library’s commitment to public service and its mission to meet our rapidly growing community’s needs by providing free, easy access to information and entertainment that enriches and inspires all of our lives.

Providing Vital Resources to Our Community

In many communities, the library is the only place where all people can find information that will help improve their education, develop new skills, find jobs, build businesses, make informed health decisions, or gain insights into environmental issues. The unique role libraries have in a community makes them important development partners, both by providing access to information in all formats and by delivering services and programs that meet the needs of an ever-changing and increasingly complex society.

With your support the North Shore Library will continue to serve the needs of our community, improve the lives of our residents, and help guide North Shore to a brighter future!

Thank you!
North Shore Library Fundraising Team
  • Steve Anderson, President, River Hills
  • Douglas H. Frazer, President, Fox Point
  • Bryan Kennedy, Mayor of Glendale
  • Eido Walny, President of Bayside
  • Dan Rosenfeld, Bayside Trustee
  • JoAnn Shaw, Glendale Alderwoman
  • Margaret Zitzer, Bayside Trustee
  • Tammy LaBorde, River Hills Manager
  • Andy Pederson, Bayside Manager
  • Rachel Safstrom, Village of Bayside
  • Kurt F. Glaisner, President, North Shore Library Board
  • Rhonda Gould, Library Director

Libraries have been part of my life forever.
One of my first memories as a child is having a librarian hand me a book and tell me she thought I was ready to read it. As I look back on this, I see that she actually saw me as a person and empowered me to stretch my skills. I still remember that moment.

Libraries are the most democratic institutions in the world. Everyone is welcome, help is available in almost any area of life, and the rules are the same for everyone. I have never stopped using the library and I am proud and excited to be part of this new beginning for the North Shore Library.

Join us in building a new North Shore Library together – for everyone!

– Marianne Lubar Capital Campaign Co-Chair

  • President - Milwaukee Public Library Foundation
  • Milwaukee Art Museum Board of Directors
  • Founder, Jewish Museum Milwaukee


I’m a “fan” of the new North Shore Library!
Like a good baseball game, nothing brings people closer together than an outstanding library. That’s why I’m humbled, honored, and excited to be a part of the capital campaign effort for a new North Shore Library.

The new North Shore Library will offer so much more to our community than simply a place to store books. It will be a place to gather and meaningfully connect with one another. A place that inspires imagination and ignites passion for learning in old and young alike. A place where we can share new ideas and work together to bring them to life. And a place that bridges divides by giving free access to information and knowledge to anyone who walks through its doors.

Baseball and libraries – it doesn’t get more American than that!

– Allan H. “Bud” Selig Capital Campaign Co-Chair

  • Former Commissioner of Major League Baseball