Mission Statement

The mission of the North Shore Library is to provide its patrons with access to materials and services which can improve their minds, broaden their lives and fulfill their cultural, civic, intellectual, educational, professional and recreational needs. The foundation of this mission is the library's enduring commitment to intellectual freedom for all.

Adopted by the North Shore Library Board of Trustees
February 19, 2009

Vision Statement

The North Shore Library will:

Offer the citizens of our service area a safe, welcoming, attractive, public space that is conducive to learning, research, enlightenment, creativity and enjoyment.

Support the educational goals of both students and non-students by providing access to resources that correspond to their diverse needs for life-long learning.

Encourage children, including pre-schoolers, to develop a love of reading, learning, and libraries by providing materials and programs for children and parents together.


The North Shore Library serves the four northeast suburban Milwaukee County communities of Bayside, Fox Point, Glendale and River Hills. North Shore Library is also a member of the Milwaukee County Federated Library System, and as such provides service to all Milwaukee County Residents.

In 1979, the library began when the villages of Bayside and Fox Point joined forces to establish the original Fox Point-Bayside Library in 5,000 square feet of leased space in Stormonth School of Fox Point.

By 1982, that space had become inadequate and a search was begun to find ways and means to relocate and expand the library. Meanwhile, an interest in library services had developed in the adjoining communities of Glendale and River Hills. Recognizing their common goals, these four suburbs formed a library planning committee.

In 1985, Cardinal Stritch College (located in Glendale ) sold some campus land for commercial/residential development --resulting in the current BVK office building and the Coventry Court apartment complex. That sale included a provision that 20,000 square feet of space in the office building was to be given by the developers to the City of Glendale for community use.

In May of 1986, this space (the first floor of the modern four-story office building) became the North Shore Library.

With a growing collection, an expanding range of up-to-date client services, an active Friends of the Library organization, and a newly established North Shore Library Foundation, the North Shore Library continues to strive to successfully meet the educational, informational, and recreational needs of its clients.